Covered by Insurance and Medicare

We partner with most Medicare advantage, commercial and managed care plans in the markets we serve. Our benefits verification takes only a few minutes, and provides a customized estimate for you.

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What does a visit cost?

On average, a patient pays the following amount out of pocket for their PeteHealth visit. Please keep in mind the total amount you’re responsible for varies based on your specific insurance plan.

No cost

Medicare with Secondary Insurance

Medicare Advantage
Medicare without Secondary Insurance

Total cost of care for a PeteHealth visit

We take care of the benefits verification process for you -- just fill out our short questionnaire and we'll get you started! Once we verify your benefits, you'll receive an estimate from us prior to your visit. After your visit, you'll also
receive an explanation of benefits (EOB).

Benefits verification

Benefits verification

Prior to your visit, we'll verify your benefits to provide an estimate of your patient responsibility. PeteHealth is fully covered by Medicare and some
insurance providers.

Explanation of benefits

Explanation of benefits (EOB)

An Explanation of Benefits or EOB is a statement from your health insurance plan describing how much was approved, covered and paid for your PeteHealth visit. This will also include the patient responsibility. You should expect to receive an EOB from your insurance plan after your visit.

How it works

Using the latest in healthcare-centric technologies, you can schedule appointments, receive treatments, and pay your trusted physical therapist in a breeze. This is physical therapy that works for you.

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Book your evaluation

We'll help coordinate the best time for a PeteHealth therapist to evaluate you.

At your home or office

We bring professional and convenient physical therapy wherever you are

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Personalized exercises

A customized care plan for how to move in your home/work environment

How can I verify my own benefits?

Simply call the number on the back of your insurance card and your insurance provider should be able to answer all of your benefits questions. But we can also verify your benefits for you and it will only take a few minutes -- just get started here or call us at 888-859-0145.

How does PeteHealth receive my benefits information?

Through our benefits verification process, we'll gather your insurance information and verify your benefits with your insurance provider. With access to insurance systems specifically designed for providers, our team will review your coverage and determine your eligibility for benefits. We'll then clearly explain your deductibles, co-pay/co-insurance, and other relevant coverage information back to you.

Why is my insurance considered Out-of-Network? I thought PeteHealth accepted most insurance plans.

When PeteHealth visits are considered out of network, that simply means we don't have a contract with that insurance plan however, we can still see you at the PeteHealth rate. Additionally, we will supply you with a super bill that you can take to your insurance. Learn more about how to use your super bill for insurance reimbursement here.

How much will a physical therapy session cost?

We accept Medicare and are in network with most major PPO insurance plans. For most insurance plans, you will just pay the normal co-pay you would pay for a clinic appointment plus a marketplace fee*. For Medicare with secondary insurance, most visits will be at no cost. For self-pay, the out of pocket cost is $175 for the first evaluation and $150 for follow-up care. We can verify your benefits prior to your first appointment, get started here.

*The Marketplace Fee is a variable fee charged to patients. The Marketplace fee helps support safety compliance, healthcare technology, and sourcing of physical therapists.

Will my insurance cover PeteHealth?

We are covered by most commercial insurance providers. In most cases, we are also covered by Medicare. However, our benefits verification takes only a few minutes and will provide an estimate for your visit based on your insurance coverage -- you can get started here.

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I have had many therapists over the last decade. Izumi was by far the most thorough and attentive. She challenged me but never pushed me to a level of fear. She consistently helped me work on my posture. She represented PeteHealth very well.
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He was absolutely fastastic. Professional, competent, supportive and super skilled. Grateful beyond words that I had his help.
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Amy is phenomenal! I really appreciated how she explained the mechanics of what was/is happening with my knee, what I was doing, and what I need to do. She’s great.