Braces provided by PeteDME, personalized for you

Receive a custom fit, medical-grade brace, at no cost for qualifying patients with insurance and/or Medicare

Introducing PeteDME

Studies show bracing in combination with PT improves outcomes better than treatment alone. If you qualify, you could receive a custom brace at no cost. Exclusively through PeteDME: Get started with one of our PeteHealth physical therapists for a custom bracing assessment!

PeteDME PT providing custom bracing to patient
Qualifying patients may receive
a custom brace at no cost

We’re creating a new healthcare system. One built around you.

1-on-1 support from your personal physical therapist, helping you meet the goals you care about most.

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Comprehensive evaluation by licensed PT to determine bracing needs
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Medical-grade brace provided
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Custom fitting by licensed PT at your home or office
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Personalized treatment plan provided by licensed PT
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Covered by Medicare and insurance*
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End-to-end bracing and treatment led by licensed PT
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* Varies by insurance plans
How will I know which brace is best for my injury or needs?

One of our licensed physical therapists will come out to your home for a comprehensive evaluation to determine if you qualify for bracing and if so, what brace would be best suited for your needs.

How does PeteDME work?

PeteDME customizes bracing for your individual needs and is convenient for your schedule. Here's how easy it is:

1) One of our licensed PTs will screen you for a custom brace during a comprehensive initial evaluation

2) If you qualify, your PT will follow-up with a custom brace, fitting and personalized treatment plan

3) And in some cases, your custom brace and fitting will be covered by insurance and/or Medicare at no cost to you.

Plus, with PeteHealth, our PTs will come to you, it couldn't be easier!

Is PeteDME covered by insurance?

If you qualify, PeteDME is fully covered by Medicare. If you have health insurance, chances are you'll be covered as well. However, our team will verify your benefits and provide a benefits summary prior to your first evaluation. Get started here.

What are the benefits of bracing?

Bracing has many benefits including: recovery from an injury, post-surgical healing, stabilization, swelling reduction and improved quality of life. In addition, studies show bracing in combination with PT improves patient satisfaction and outcomes better than treatment alone.

I was fitted with a brace that was different in the photo. Why is that?

PeteDME offers the highest quality brace for each patient’s need so please note that brands and manufacturers may vary. You can always ask your PT for more information on the brace you are receiving.