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Coordinated and streamlined, it's physical therapy that helps ensure better patient outcomes.

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Trusted PTs with expertise in every common PT condition and matched to your patient's health goals.

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Better Outcomes

Easy and convenient, your patients receive the care they need in their home or office.

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Driven by Technology

We’ve invested in the kind of technologies that give both providers and patients more control.

PeteHealth is fully integrated with most EMRs.

Save yourself and your staff time by simply adding PeteHealth to your EMR for easy referrals. Need other options to prescribe? Don't worry, we have two more options for you below.

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Up to 58% of physical therapists report high levels of burnout
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Physicians love referring patients to us

The most respected doctors trust us with their treatment plans because of our patient-centered service approach and our utilization of the latest healthcare-centric technologies. Learn what makes PeteHealth stand out above the rest for physicians.

What more can I say? The care. The results. The happy patients. PeteHealth really is the total package.

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Embraced by the medical community

Coordinated and streamlined, this is physical therapy that helps ensure better patient outcomes. Join our team of leading physicians that refer to PeteHealth today.

I know I can refer to PeteHealth without regret. It brings me peace of mind to know we have a true partner.

Sanjay Khurana, MD


PeteHealth physician Sanjay Khurana, MD

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PeteDME PT providing custom bracing to patient at home

Exclusively through PeteDME!

PeteHealth offers custom bracing in combination with physical therapy through our PeteDME program. Research shows that bracing in combination with PT improves patient outcomes.

Call 888-859-0029 to refer your patients for bracing in addition to PT, brought to you by PeteHealth.