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The Tech Advantage

We've invested in the kind of technology that gives therapist more control.

Help motivated patients

Treat ambulatory patients who understand what they need to do to improve.

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We take care of the billing, back office and tech updates. You stay focused on your patients.

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When you're a therapist with PeteHealth, you work at the nexus of better technologies, better ways to deliver quality care and better patient outcomes.

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As a well educated therapist, you love what you do. We believe your pay should be commensuate. You're a professional therapist, after all.

Innovation matters here.

PeteHealth understands the power technology has on what you do. Not only on how you treat patients, but also in your dealings with the business side of things.
Because your time is valuable, we are constantly searching for more ways to get quality access to your patients, track and record progress, and stay on top of scheduling, billing and more.

Helping you be better

PeteHealth knows that the best physical therapists never stop learning. We give you access to online resources and training to make sure you're informed of all the latest findings through events, seminars and workshops.

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They give it to us strainght. And we'll give it to you straight It's the only way we can all get better.

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